The Great Victorian Rail Trail

The Great Victorian Rail Trail from Tallarook to Mansfield is a gem. Its 120km long and if you divert to Alexandria, you can ride another 40km. We did it comfortably in 3 days but the tricky issue is where to stay between Yea and Mansfield. We started riding in the middle near Yarck due a car swap system we devised.

We stayed at the Bonnie Doon pub on Lake Eildon and the Yea family caravan park, both good. The Peppercorn Hotel in Yea had sensational food.

?Notes: If you only have a short time, the Tallarook to Yea section is the best and you can get to Tallarook by train from Southern Cross in Melbourne.

Lake Eildon After 8 hours driving from Sydney and two from Melbourne, you come to the #greatvictorianrailtrail now you can ride for 150km with no cars to annoy you. Gouldburn River

?More pictures here

To find out more, refer to the following site for more information and in particular, find out about the historic Cheviot tunnel here.

Note: One bike group had a few punctures, make sure you pack your spare tire and know how to change the back wheel.

The photos that follow begin at Mansfield and head roughly west near the Maroondah Hwy to Merton. Then you veer a little south past Yaark and through the Cheviot tunnel and down into Yea. From there you follow the picturesque Goulburn River into the township of Tallarook.


You can find the trail and many more on our popular Australian Regional Bike Trail Map

For now, enjoy the pictures we took on the trail which are shown in order from Mansfield to Tallarook.

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