How I made a google map of all Sydney’s Cyclepaths

How I made a google map of all Sydney’s Cyclepaths is the topic of my talk at the Australian Walking and Cycling conference at the Port Adelaide Town Hall on the 25th October 2020. In the talk I will be discussing this google-my-map This map consists of 300 different paths that I have combined […]

The Sydney Google BikeTrail map is now complete **

Want to know where to ride, want to see the hidden footpaths and better alternatives for riding around Sydney.  Well its all on this map from Richmond to Cronulla, Campbelltown to Mona Vale.  So bookmark   Open the map and use Google Maps as you would normally do and the trails will be in […]

The Maps Page

In this site you will find information on recreational bike trails from all over Australia. These will be over 10km long and free from cars or will be on roads where cars don’t tend to hang out much. Following is our map of Australian Bike Trails. It includes your editors trails which are clustered around […]