Pittwater Rd – Field of Mars

With some decent work being undertaken on the Pittwater Rd shared path in the Lane Cove region, this gives me a chance to show some of my favourite photos that I took riding the very hilly Huntleys Cove to North Ryde “about to get better” bike trail. First up here is what is going on […]

The Greater Sydney Bike Trail

After listening to some inspiring ladies at the Bike-packing talk night at Omafiets in Redfern and then heading to The Big Bike Film Night at the Randwick Ritz, I realised it was time to complete a challenge of my own. A thought bubble came to me, why not ride around Sydney. Hopefully this page will […]

Lane Cove Area

There is lots to ride in the Lane Cove area and the best is Lane Cove National Park which consists of very quiet roads and lots of bush. There are two good trails for commuting/scenery, the 17km long Epping Rd Cycleway and the shorter Shrimptons Creek cycleway to Ryde. But if you really want to […]