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The big shared path ride in the Woronora area is Sutherland to Riverwood thru Menai (20km one way). There is also a detour in Menai to Barden Ridge. The other great riding spot is Como bridge to Oatley Park. From Sutherland you can also make your way to Loftus or the Captain Cooks bridge on reasonable back roads and paths


Cycling from Riverwood Station near the Salt Pan Creek trail to Sutherland Station across the Alford Point Bridge and the Woronora Bridge (20kms with hills one way). Menai is a particularly good area for shared path cycling. The following 3 photos are samples of what you might see.

Three pictures from the trail to Riverwood follow. Its a big dip down to the Georges River

See Photo album here

See Epic trail from Riverwood to Sutherland (see map) >>

Trail notes: Study the map on Google around Riverwood before you start. You need to cross the wooden bridge over Salt Pan creek (you need to walk on the old wooden bridges or risk a fine). Head for Tallawarra Ave, Padstow. Then battle your way through some back streets to the corner of Clancy Street and Davies Rd in Padstow. Davies Rd becomes Alford Point Rd and its all shared and separate cycleway all the way to Sutherland Station. There are some good hills to enjoy and take some water.

To complete the loop, take a train to Wolli Station and then to either Sutherland Station or Narawee or Riverwood.

If you come from Salt Pan Creek and end up at Sutherland and like the train, head down to the Como Railway Bridge and Oatley Park

Bardon Ridge to Illawong

Bardon Ridge is good because its pretty flat all the way to Menai then Bangor Shopping Center and to the beginning of the hill down to Illawong. The other good thing about Bardon Ridge is that it has a very modern pump track to exhaust the teenagers. Here are the pictures of the ride from Menai. See trail on map here >>
See photos here

Oatley and Como

If you ride to Sutherland, there are more adventures including head downhill to the Como Bridge and then ride across that and into Oatley station. You are going to go down some steep hills so the train is a very good idea to get home. One of our routes hugs the railway line and requires you to lug your bike up 50 steps at one point as the road runs out. Much better to do this heading downhill so drivers will treat you well.

See the Como bridge and Oakley trail on Google Maps >>

Here is the terrific shared path bridge at Como that takes you to Oatley.

Como to Woronora Township

This way is all roads to Woronora and steep.  OK on a Sunday.  30 second video



The Oatley Area

Once you get to Oatley Station there is a great park less than 2km to the west and its called Oatley Park. This sits on one of the headlands jutting out into the Georges River. At the top the park is a figure 8 road that is one way. Cars can use this road, cyclists have one side and walkers the other. The top trail is really smooth and the little hills are 20m here and there, even I can handle it. You could go around these roads a few times and see very few cars. One Caveat, 20km per max speed. Its a great place. Hanging off the Figure 8 are roads that disappear down the hills to a river bathing area and off to the west to Hurstville Golf Club. Oatley Park has a lot of trees and some sensational views. All you need to know is head down Oatley Park Avenue and the rest becomes obvious.

A road on the west side heads down to Lime Kiln Reserve. Well worth a trip and see the firetrail on the map link below.

To the east of Oatley Station is Moore Park. This is not so big but probably worth a turn around once as the path down the hill through the bush is really good. Not a bad place to park if you just want to do Oatley Park and coffee in Oatley which is really nice place. It could also be a place to take your ten year olds for a ride.

Oatley Park to Riverwood Station

If you are a billy goat or you have an e-bike, you can traverse from Oakley Park across to Riverwood station through Peakhurst Heights. Start at the Lime Kiln Reserve and ride up Pamela Avenue. Then head for Gannons Park and enjoy some very smooth concrete. Then aim for Oglive Avenue which is your main route north to Riverwood Station. This crosses the busy Henry Lawson Drive using pedestrian bridge. When Oglivie ends head left 50 yards and go down a pedestrian road as per the map.

The track is on the map here >>

If you want, you can also use this trail and head to Padstow Heights where the Woronora trail awaits.

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Sans Souci to Oatley and more


A safe way to get to Loftus Oval from Sutherland Station is to ride through the cemetery and out the gate at the southern end. Then follow the back road down to the station. To get to Loftus fire tracks, cross the railway at the station and go down behind the Tram Station. Cross the highway using the bike verge and then look for a mtb path in the bush to the left. Head right from there to get to the fire tracks. Ride the fire tracks first to get your bearings before diving into the single tracks. Maybe ask the mtb riders you see which are the best. Watch out for other riders and if you are going uphill, let the downhiller go past.

Distance: 9km

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The Gates to the Woronora Pipeline and Loftus MTB

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