Windsor Area and then to Quakers Hill

I read a few posts about Windsor and the farm lands nearby and then when I realised it was going to be a warm winters day, I loaded The Big Easy (the eBike) into the back of the Honda Odessy and set off from the eastern suburbs on the ring road that runs around Sydney.  15$ in tolls and 45 minutes later I was at Wright Reserve, Quakers Hill. This is a good spot for going on rides through the Western Parklands and the 40km long M7 cycleway. It is also handy to the Quakers Hill station which has lifts and is handy for a train to Richmond and Windsor and also to Parramatta and Seven Hills for ride there and train back options.  So I started this ride by heading to Quakers Hill station and as I arrived at the station, the train was pulling in and I clearly was going to miss it. I went over the bridge to the other side and bought some sweets at the Indian Restaurant. If you have never had Indian sweets, give them a go.  10 minutes later I caught the train to Windsor.  It was a nice comfortable 20 minute ride and the train was empty which is good cause The Big Easy is quite big. What follows are my notes on the trail

See the map of the trail here >>
Here are photos of the road surfaces >>

Windsor to Richmond on the country roads near the river

This is a ride for the people who like roads because the roads are almost car free. The surface is at times bumpy bitumen but there are very few pot holes. It is bumpiest nearer Windsor heading north on Cornwalls Rd. Once it heads west it gets better. You are doing this for the country atmosphere and this you will get in spades and becuase you will not see many cars (I saw 5 over 15 km).

The path between Richmond and Windsor

The path between Richmond and Windsor is a really good separated path that winds rather than goes in a straight line. Then it stops 3km from Windsor and you have to ride on a reasonable verge on the edge of a busy road.  So disappointing, you may even like to just ride the roads around the river and not do a loop.

Distance 30km and pretty flat and lots do it on road bikes.

Windsor Rd
 Windsor to Schofields Rd is a very good separated path on the edge of a busy 4 lane road. I really liked the first 4 km of this trail and you could certainly call it a day at this stage and turn back.  From then on it starts to feel like you are on the edge of a busy road even though you are on a separated pathway, you just end up grinding out the kms.

The Ponds and Quakers Hill
 The section through The Ponds is really good for an urban area and the final little run back to the station was a bit confusing until I worked out I could cross the busy road near the high school.

Distance: 45.9 km for Windsor loop back to Quakers Hill

What I Missed Out On
Both the townships of Windsor and Richmond are probably worth an explore. I had no time. You could just do the Richmond Windsor loop and explore the towns and be satisified with just under 30km of riding. Another way to do the big loop is to keep going down Windsor Rd which turns into Old Windsor Rd and then ride back along the M7 Cycleway to the Quakers hill turnoff. Probably 48km.

Here are videos on the trails around Rouse Hill and Bella Vista