Botany Bay Area – south of the airport

Botany Bay Area – south of the airport

Brighton le Sands and Botany Bay

Riding from Kendrick Park in Tempe through to the Captain Cook Bridge via Brighton Le Sands is 15km and its dead flat. Except for sunny weekends when there are people to dodge, its a super trail. You probably will not stop at Brighton le Sands, you will likely continue to Sans Souci or just over the Captain Cooks bridge.

See the trail on the Sydney Map >>

It is important to understand that the connection just after Cahill Park is not perfect yet. Take your time crossing the roads in that area, the roadworks are making drivers really cranky. If you want to skip the airport roads altogether, park near the Arncliffe Fire Station and join the trail there. You can now ride all the way to Shark Park footy oval in Woolooware and back from there without crossing any roads. How good is that ! BTW I love the section from Arncliffe to Botany Bay past the market gardens.

Another place to park is near the Kyeemagh Beach Baths which is one of the many Bay Pools on our pools page The 9km each way ride from here to the Captain Cook bridge is great. The trail is rarely near the road and your main issue on the trail is walkers and talkers and the odd kiddie out of control chasing a dog. If you go mid week, you will have no problems and if you go on the weekend you either have to go slow or go early.

For a little extra distance, you can head across the Captain Cook bridge and continue on down to Cronulla if your legs desire. When you go back across the Captain Cook bridge, find the track that takes you across on the left hand side.

Notes: All bike types, pretty good for older children. Make sure you have a bike bell and pedestrians have right of way on this trail when it is shared path. If you want to train, stations that are nearby are Wolli Creek and Cronulla and Carlton if you like some roads.

Muddy Creek Market Gardens - Muddy Creek Arncliff

See photos from Tempe to Captain Cook Bridge

See all the photos from Kyeemagh to Shark Park

Kyeemagh Brighton Le Sands Sans Souci



Once you leave Captain Cook bridge, you have a nice little trail along the coast of Botany Bay for about 1km. Then you meet a junction, turn left for a brand new fully connected coastal trail that runs most of the way to Cronulla. The initial part of this trail is very scenic with new bridges across and around the mangroves. Its called the Woolooware Bay Shared Pathway.

See Cronulla trail >>

Now to ride to Cronulla Beach  After this, you will enjoy lovely mangrove cycling on shared path and wooden bridges till you turn to arrive at Captains Cook Drive. Cross to the other side of the road where the track continues on a double lane concrete trail. Follow that through to the end of Cronulla Golf Course. There is a busy intersection that you need to cross with care. When Captain Cook drive turns North East, you head up Bate Bay Drive which turns into a steep hill past a new housing estate. At the top you will be at Wanda Reserve and Cronulla is south about 3 km on the very wide concrete path.

At Wanda Reserve is a kids play ground and a good kids bike track that runs for 500m or so.

When you arrive in Cronulla, you are not allowed to continue along the coast according to the signage. You have to go up the roads. So your journey ends here and its a good place to stop.

Notes: Cronulla Station is very close so if you have travelled from the Inner West or Strathfield, relax and catch the train home. Another thing to consider is the wind. Train to Cronulla and ride back with a southerly sounds like a plan.

See the Botany Bay trails on Google Maps >>

The photos start at Taren Pt and follow through to Cronulla

Sans Souci Tarren Point


As Sydney was in yet another heatwave, I struggled to find any places that I wanted to explore. Then I remembered Kurnell because it has a great bay pool that is protected by a large shark net. Its one of the few places you can park almost on the beach. So we headed down to Cronulla, and turned to drive the last section to Kurnell, unloaded the bikes and went for a ride.

We headed east along Prince Charles Parade and into the park and Captain Cooks landing place. We stopped at “the meeting place” and then went on the road to Cape Solander Lookout. There are a few cars on the road but there are also a few bikes so given that it is a National Park, riding on the road is fine for a rubbish rider like me. There are a few good spots to stop and take picture of a distant city, a nearby La Perouse and some good cliffs. We then returned to Kurnell and rode around the town, had a great lunch in the Village Store and then went swimming in our bike gear. I always have plenty of plastic in the car for driving wet and that was how we returned back to the Eastern Suburbs. All up its 12 km of riding and if you have never been to Kurnell, you should try it.

Note: Large numbers of bike riders head up up Captain Cook Drive with its large and well marked bike verge from Cronulla and finish at Cape Solander Lookout. I personally don’t like roads where trucks can wiz by you at 75km an hour and there are quite a lot of them heading to the desalination plant and other large business like Caltex.

See Pictures of Kurnell  and See the cycle roads on the map (green is decent and grey is busy but ok ) >>

The Beachside Path in Kurnell Kurnell Pool

Cronulla to Kurnell – this is the path on the edge of the road

External Links: Sutherland Shire Council Cycling Page Walking tracks at Kurnel near Cronulla  History of Kurnell

Sutherland to Taren Point

I like to ride this 8km trail if there is a south westerly wind or a southerly. It starts at the station, you ride north along Toronta, turn right into Waratah and follow the shared path the Princess Highway. Head north along the west side to Garnet St. Cross the highway and head down (good slope) Garnet on the road (its all road to the bridge). Turn left on Bellingara at a roundabout that is not quite at the bottom of the street. Turn into Box and then into Belgrave Esplanade. At the Tarrent Point Bowling Club, keep going straight on Curtis till the fence at the end, head up the path and follow the road to the bridge. Cross the bridge on the west side.

See the Taren Point trail here >>

See pics of trail from Sutherland to Taren Point


You made it to Captain Cook bridge. Cross on the LHS

See the great Woronora and Menai Trails Here >>

External Links: Sutherland Council Map on this trail here

Extensive safe Woronora cycling starts at Sutherland and you can read about it here 

Cronulla to Sutherland

Here it is, the edited collection of photos on the trail that takes you from Cronulla to Sutherland. Yep its steep, yep it seems disorganised but it kinda works and you can look around Camellia gardens for a break.

Here is the map link.  Remember its almost all downhill from Sutherland to the coast.  There is a dip at Camellia Gardens

Camillia Gardens  Paths and back road heading west from Gynea  Shared Paths into Sutherland

This trail is important as it now means that the trip around Sydney is longer and harder and complete compared to the Train Section on the original trip that is on the Sydney Bike Trail post

Around Sydney bike trail southern section

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