Rookwood Cemetery Area

The Cooks River trail is an important way to get across Sydney and the best way to get to the Cooks River Trail in the west is to arrive at Strathfield and ride across to the start of the track through Strathfield. This is a nice ride past some big and interesting houses.  This is not the only way way as there are three other train stations that are with a few easy kilometres of the head of the trail on Ada Avenue next to the Strathfield Golf Club. These other three stations all require you to ride through the gigantic and interesting Rookwood Cemetary, a great place to ride a bike at a modest pace.

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Lidcombe Station

The most popular connection to Cooks River is Lidcombe Station.  This gets a lot of Express trains and could be a good choice for some.  If you arrive at this station, you are going to ride through Rookwood Cemetary as follows.

Head through the shops down Joseph Street, angle across the small park to James St and head toward Rookwood as safetly as you can. Turn right on East St next to the cemetary and ride a couple of hundred meters down the road till you come to the main entrance.  Head into the cemetary and becuase its so big and there are so many roads, you may get lost, doesn’t matter you are riding a bike on easy roads.  Ride on the main roads and aim in a south easterly direction. You actually want Necropolis Dr and you want to exit on Weeroona Rd.

Exiting on Weeroona Rd and cross the busy Centenary Drive will bring you to a wall with small exits.  The one on the right gets you on the roads that lead to Ada Avenue.

Historic Lidcombe Hospital

The historic homes around the Brooks Circuit Park in Lidcombe south are really beautiful.  Find them on the map here on the light purple trail >>

Lidcombe Private Hospital

Regents Park Station

This station provides a longer and reasonable ride to the southern end of the Rookwood area.  The direct route is down Amy Street which turns into Weeroona Rd.  Amy Street is a little busy and has narrow footpaths.  I suggest heading north from the station thru Guilfoyle Park and turn right into Kent.  After Kent, head into Kibo and follow that to the edge of Carnarvon Golf Club. Turn right and head down Nottinghill Rd and then jump on the cycle way down Amy around the golf club.  When you get to Rookwood, turn left and ride a hundred metres and enter the cemetary and head for the Weeroona Rd exit in the east.

If you are in a hurry to get to Lidcombe, head down the road to Berala Station cross under the tracks and then head north to Vaughan Street and west to Lidcombe.  This is all roads but its only 10 minutes.

Birrong Station

Birrong Station is of interest because it is on the T3 line that runs from Sydenham to Dulwhich Hill, Cantebury and onto to Liverpool. These are all stations near the Cooks River Trail. So you can use the T3 train line to get to the other end of the Cooks Trail and ride downhill back to your start point. That is why Birrong is of interest to Inner West bike riders. Note. Sometimes the T3 goes to Regents Park and in that instance you would get off at that Regents Park.

To get from Birrong to Regents Park by bike, head west along Rodd St to Auburn Rd. Turn right and ride carefully down the road to the bridge that crosses the railway line. After that head to the RHS of Auburn Rd and use the side road and paths to get to Regents Park station.  Then follow the instructions above to get to Rookwood and beyond.

There is a park called Muluga Passive Park nearby that has bike trails and looks fine for kids. Its a modest size and there are some ducks. A few of the trails are bumpy.

Duck Creek

You can ride back roads from Guildford Station (see Guildford to Canley Vale) quite safely as follows.  Head for Merrylands Station, turn right at Locksley Rd, head across Granville Park, cross the busy Woodville Rd and head east down Meadows St in an Easterly direction till you come to the Duck River track.  Go south on the Duck creek till you get to Mona Rd. Cross duck Creek and head under the road and south again along Duck road.  The concrete path is old and has many bumps and may not suit racing bikes.  When you get to the Auburn Botanical Gardens cross the road and head along the Rosnay golf course to St Johns rd.  Follow that to Beralla Station and your kid could ride the footpath on this road, you will need to stay on the road.

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