Liverpool Area

Liverpool area is large and has some decent trails to ride. The best rides are Carramar (East Hills to Fairfield 20km), the Liverpool Rail Trail (25km), Chipping Norton Lake, the M7 and Narrellan and Mt Annan (30km of tracks). There is also the path to the M7 from Glenfield Station and Narellan Rd, Banks Rd and a rough Elizabeth drive to get around.  Here are some videos of rides in the area A few videos to see what the cycling is like in the area here 

Carramar – East Hills to Fairfield

This 20 km one way trip near Liverpool in Sydney is a good clean rolling ride through the trees along smooth paths. The trail start in the nice suburb of East Hills and within a few 100 meters you are on separated trail for most of the next 16km. First I suggest a diversion towards the Bankstown University because the tarred path is so pleasing to roll on. Return to the edge of Henry Lawson drive. Make your way up and over the M5 carefully and turn left when the trail crosses the road into Millperra. Ride along between the Georges River and Henry Lawson until you cross under the very busy Newberry Road. On the other side of the tunnel head 20m towards the road to see the wonderful optical illusion house. See trail on Western Parklands Map >> Now you can cycle all the way to Carramar. Take your time crossing the Hume Highway (its well organised) and if you are doing an up back, this is good place to turn around or just before where there are three good little hills. At Carramar ride your bike down the not busy Waterside Cresent to the station. To get to Fairfield Station, continue under the Carramar station and head north for Haughton St, Carramar. From there the trail starts again and soon you will be in a good teenagers play park called Fairfield Adventure Park. If you are arriving by car, I recommend Kelso Park, East Hills as a good place to start just off the M5. Older kids will enjoy this ride and people who like 20km hitouts like me, using the two train lines is a good adventure in itself. It certainly wasn’t busy on the three weekdays at 9 am that I have riden it. Find East Hills at the bottom of this map and the trail runs north from there >>

Notes: If you like some fog, the Georges river has lots for you if you arrive before 8am “in the colder months”

Carramar in the morning in winter
Park near Fairfield station. Yes those are free slides.

Voyager Point

If you ride 300m west from East Hills Station you will find a great pedestrian bridge over the Georges River to Voyager Point. There you will find a small park with a lake and a nice little bike track that loops around half of the suburb. There is no thru traffic and the buildings are pretty smart, if you have some energy left, go for a ride around.

Voyager Point viewed from East Hills Revesby If you need to connect to Padstow Heights and Salt Pan Creek, you can ride up Horsley Rd or Marco Avenue to Revesby. The roads section can be reduced a little by using the trail to the Western Suburbs University Campus and then jumping onto Horsley Rd from Killara Reserve. Its about 3.5km from East Hills Station to Revesby See the map for more

Chipping Norton Lake

This 16 km return trip from Liverpool Station is a great park ride. The trail starts at Lake Moore, jumps on a road for 2km and then follows the Georges River through parklands until the official version of the trail comes to an end. The ride is a bitumen surface with the odd tree root undulating the surface every now and again.  (See Video here) You can take your kids to any section of this ride and they will enjoy it. If you come from Liverpool station you need to manoeuvre yourself across a bridge and through some warehouses before you come to the start of the trail at Lake Moore. I especially recommend it if there is going to be mist on the lakes because it was quite spectacular at 8am on a sunny day in May. Riding in See trail on Western Parklands Map >> Notes: Whilst it looks tempting to ride on through to the Carramar trail using Arthur St, this road is closed and very isolated. Riding along the north side of Newbridge Road is next to the very busy road but it has been improved in part with a shared path in 2018. As there are so few coffee shops on offer, I suggest the one in Alfred St, Chipping Norton. A good connection to this path is to ride from Glenfield station to Liverpool >>

Chipping Norton trail in blue Lansvale Trail For two years I have wondered what the trail was like in Lansvale just the other side of the Georges River from Chipping Norton. So I ventured down the Hume Highway from the great Carramar track to the trail. Then I zoomed along seeing almost no-one for 12km. This is both a good thing and slightly eerie when you are so near the Hume Highway and other monster roads. Look for Lansvale next to the Hume Highway on the Western Parklands map >>

Banks Rd and Green Valley Creek

You probably want to ride down Banks Road as an alternative to Cowpasture. It follows the bus express road and does not actually go near any roads except on the odd crossing. Its main downfall is bumps between the large sheets of concrete. Green Valley Creek is fine as a path but petters out after Elizabeth drive. The Buddist temple near Elizabeth Drive is a highlight. I highlight it in commuter green because its functional more than scenic. Distance: 22km Trail in commuter green starting at Prestons at the bottom of the map here >>

Banks Rd – Hinchenbrook

External Links: Road Depart PageM7 Instagram PhotosOfficial Map and Sign Up For M7 Alerts, especially if its been raining a lot as they sometimes close sectionsM7 Brochure in PDF

Glenfield Station to Liverpool Station

This is a 7km good shared path once you have travelled about 1km from Liverpool. It passes the super Casula Powerhouse which has a good cafe and art on display. Glenfield is a good station because it connects to the Wolli Creek and the Airport line and Salt Pan Creek and Carramar to East Hills. See this page for more on the Liverpool Rail Trail >> Holsworthy and Holsworthy Station to Liverpool Station See the Holsworthy trails here >> and See photos of the station route here >>

Mt Annan – Australian Botanical Garden

In the far south west of Sydney is the Australian Botanical Garden. It is called Mt Annan and it has a good road trail for riding around. Its 10km long, it forms a figure 8 and it is all one way. It is only good for experienced riders because the edge of the road is dirt and the road is not very wide. Thankfully the speed limit is 30 but if you are grinding up the steep hills at 10km an hour, a car is going to come along quite fast. This wont matter to good road riders or people with eBikes. I enjoyed it on my eBike but my wife and I gave up real fast on the cruisers as we getting passed by the weekend traffic. The Botantical aspect of the gardens changed a lot between the two visits. In mid 2018 My Annan was as dry and dead as anything. In January of 2019 it was really green and all the trees and flowers seemed to be doing really well. Here are some photos. Here is the Mt Annan trail in black. The MTB firetrail that is open is in green >>

Glenfield Station to Macarthur Station via Narellan

The shared path from the M7 Cycleway to Macarthur Station is 98% shared path cycleway. It follows Narellan Rd and then the Camden Valley Way. On Narellan use the south side with a little back roads near the swimming complex. On Camden Valley its all on the western side, take care on the road crossings. At the northern end of Camden Valley Way, use the north side and watch out you dont follow the cycleway all the way to Leppington. If you are happy with 30kms riding, head to Glenfield Station down the Glenfield Rd and return by the train. A number of road cyclist were on the Camden Valley Way and not on the cycleway. It looked smooth but I was happy with the path. Add this trail to the M7 Cycleway for a monster ride. The purple line at the bottom of the Western Parklands map >> If you like exploring suburbs, Narellan, the suburbs of Mt Annan, Smeaton Grange,

Harrington Park and Oran Park are good fun and will probably suit slower riders than the one way roads around Mt Annan. See these three stories..