The Greater Sydney Bike Trail – Riders Notes

After listening to some inspiring ladies at the Bike-packing talk night at Omafiets in Redfern and then heading to The Big Bike Film Night at the Randwick Ritz, I realised it was time to complete a challenge of my own. A thought bubble came to me, why not ride around Sydney. Hopefully this page will inspire you to ride around Sydney or even work out how to ride around your own city if you live somewhere else. Now for notes on people that have riden around Sydney  See the trails on their own Google Map here >>

November 28 – 21 confirmed loop riders

Latest:  John and David went around the 150 using roads a bit more than the standard 150  .See the ride here in Strava

or see a video of the Bubble Race around Sydney


Distance anything from about 160km to 300km, the rules say go around the 4 markers

Pictures from around the trail ..
or you can see a slide show of the Greater Sydney (240km) trail here >>

or   read about the the 150km trail here >>


Lets Look at People Who Have Reported a Lap of Sydney

First lets start with a map of the route with the trails all the riders have taken thus far.  You need to look at the map legend to see all the rides

Hooray:  Some Real Riders Made It Too   (Jan 2020: 4 Riders have made it)   

Nicholas and friends did it again on Jan 1 2021 as per strava >>

(Jan 2021: 4 riders to make total of 8 laps)

  • The Condensed Sydney Loop

Here is a shorter but fun way around the same key features. The condensed Sydney trail.

Recently I completed a condensed version of the Around Sydney Cycle trail. It goes around the four important markers (think yachting) but shaves nearly 90km off my original route. I did it anti-clockwise
Just under 150km. 1200m of climbing. 50km a day
Redfern to Guildford Day 1
Guildford to Revesby Day 2
Revesby to Redfern Day 3.
About 15% of the track was roads !
Milsons Point to Lane Cove
Ryde to Meadowbank
East Hills to Revesby.

Gymea to Captain Cooks Bridge

Just me on this lap  (Feb 2021: 1 Rider have made it – 9 laps of Sydney in total ) 

Only comment, it better going clockwise as you finish at the harbour bridge. If you started somewhere else, this wouldn’t matter.
  • More Riders did it on Electrics   

Anthony Tuy and his band of electric riders did a lap in one day with two long stops to charge up.  
See the Sydney Orbital Loop! on Strava here

(April 2021:  6 Riders made it – 15 laps of Sydney in total ) 

  • Esper and Friend did the 100 Mile Version of the Condensed Loop

Find the ride in Strava Here.  I like the way he did a small extension to Centennial Park to make it a clean 100 miles and I am impressed as they did it in one day following all the trails on the Condensed Sydney BikeTrail.  Direction – anti-clockwise
(May 2021:  2 new Riders made it – 17 laps of Sydney in total ) 

  • The Covid Bubble Relay Race
Here is the track of all the rides on the outer version of bubble relay.
Well done once again everyone who participated or asked to join in.   Started on the 11th and rides completed on the 17th July – 21 which was the day many of the LGA’s went in a much tighter lockdown.

Troy and crew did the Festive 500 Challenge late 2021

A huge lap with a northern twist.  Think of this as the 150 in the south and east and lots of extra to the northwest.   230km in one day


30th Jan 2021

Garry went around again, this time using trains to make the ride one hundred kms.  Read about the ride here