The Greater Sydney Bike Trail

After listening to some inspiring ladies at the Bike-packing talk night at Omafiets in Redfern and then heading to The Big Bike Film Night at the Randwick Ritz, I realised it was time to complete a challenge of my own. A thought bubble came to me, why not ride around Sydney. Hopefully this page will inspire you to ride around Sydney or even work out how to ride around your own city if you live somewhere else.

But Why Bother ? The reason is not the journey it’s the completion of the journey. It felt so good to turn the corner at Milsons Point and see the Sydney Harbour bridge. I had made it, 5 days, 6 train journeys to get to start and end points and lots of negative thoughts were behind me.

The (Dads Track) Trail

I have spent the last two years learning the shared paths of Sydney and this trail follows a loop around the outer edge of many of those trails. Apart from 22km of road riding in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, the rest of the trail has a few 2-3 km sections of back roads to connect the shared paths. The paths that are connected travel through Centennial Park, upto La Perouse, around Botany Bay, the Menai Cycleways, Chipping Norton, Glenfield Railway, the M7 Cycleway, Old Windsor Rd, Parramatta River Cycleway, Shrimptons Creek, Lane Cove National Park, Epping Rd and a ride across the Harbour Bridge to complete the journey. There are a lot of good things to see.

See the blue trail in Google Maps here >>

The Serious Riders trail

This has been done in one day as per our Facebook page.  Here are the Rules

I propose the following rules for going around Sydney.
1. You pass over the harbour bridge and walk up the silly steps
2. You go under the Woronora bridge
3. You ride the full length of the m7.
4. You go north or thru Lane Cove National Park.
5. You take as many days as you need to enjoy Sydney and you may put your bicycle on public transport to get back the whence you stopped🙃


Distance 230 km
Shared Path 190 km
Total road riding 39km
Total Climbing 2000m

The Hills and My Bike

Usually I will tell people that Sydney bike trails are generally flat but this ride goes through a few big dips along the waterways and that causes the climbing numbers to escalate. I rode most of the trail using an eBike with pedal assist. This ironed out the steep sections but trail took me about 13 hours in total riding time and many more hours commuting back and forth from start points. That equates to an average speed of about 17.5 km/h.

What Sort Of Bike to Take ?

Most of the trail can be done on any bike but a gravel bike would be best for the road riding guys as it’s a little more robust. There are quite a few bumps on the bitumen path in Chipping Norton and the Ramsgate brick paths are pretty bouncy as well. The rest is pretty smooth and the M7 Cycleway is very clean.

Whats with the Name ?   Greater Sydney is a name that has been used lately to encompass the Western Parklands, Parramatta as well as the Inner Suburbs.   This is a trail for the people of Sydney, you have a great bike city with 600km of shared paths, enjoy them any way you can.

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Pictures from around the trail .. or you can see a slide show of the trail here >>

Day 3 of the #biketrailgreatersydney loop involves a dip down to the #woronorabridge ...

A unusual central shared path marks the start of day 3 of the #biketrailgreatersydney


Second last 🖼 on the #greatersydneybiketrail, the lovely gardens at the domain

#thedomain #biketrailgreatersydney

There is no other bridge in sydney with a bike trail quite like the #woronorabridge

DAY 3 of the #greatersydneybiketrail


Day 3 of The Greater Sydney Bike Trail started with a train ride from #wollicreekstation to #sutherlandstation

#biketrailgreatersydney. #greatersydneybiketrail

I was close to the end of my 230km ride around Sydney at this point. #greatersydneybiketrail #biketrailgreatersydney #Lunapark ...

On assignment near Menai #biketrailworono. #biketrailgreatersydney. #greatersydneybiketrail ...

It via without saying that the greater sydney bike path would go along the cobble stones of Brighton le Sands

#biketrailgreatersydney #greatersydneybiketrail

At the end of 230km and seven train trips over five days, I needed a chair. Nothing better than Lady Maquaries Chair.

Search for Greater Sydney bike trail on

This was a few weeks ago, it still feels good.

#biketrailgreatersydney #greatersydneybiketrail
#ladymaquarieschair #bicyclensw #nowletsride

On day 4 i passed through the concrete jungle that is the #m4bridge in the #M7cycleway

#biketrailgreatersydney #greatersydneybiketrail. #nowletsride

The other day at the airport. #biketrailairpor. #nowletsride. #planesPotter. #biketrailgreatersydney. #greatersydneybiketrail

Day 2 of the greater sydney bike trail went through Barton Park

#biketrailgreatersydney. #greatersydneybiketrail

The Rules for riding around Sydney 

Here is your map of Sydney, make up your own trail