Darling Harbour to Wolli Creek

Darling Harbour to Wolli Creek

Darling Harbour is a treat for the visitors, Glebe is close by, there is Sydney Park which is a great place for the kids and the complicated trails to Wolli Creek on the Cooks River Cycleway

Read on, this area has many paths including The Goods Line, Erskinville and Wooloomooloo.

Darling Harbour

If you can get out early, this is a fabulous ride. Once the tourists and workers start heading off for lunch, the crowds are huge. Its dead flat, the trail is generally loaded with people, there is a bit of road riding near the bridge.

20km of riding around if you go between the Anzac and Harbour Bridges
See photos of Darling Harbour here

Darling Harbour is not a fast ride but it sure is scenic

A most appealing 10km each way ride that takes you from the Anzac Bridge in Pyrmont to the Sydney Harbour Bridge via Darling Harbour. The photos explain the obvious, its a worthwhile ride for locals and tourists.

What you have to think about is
How am I going to get there?
When is a good time to go?

Lets start with the getting there. If you were to come by train with your bike, you could get off at Wynyard, Circular Quay and Milsons Point. Town Hall could also be an option but its a bit trickier. From Wynyard Station head to Barangaroo. From Milsons Point, head up to cross the bridge on the western side and from Circular Quay, carefully make your way around to the base of the bridge and you are away.

If you come by car, best parking would be Glebe and there is metered parking around Pyrmont.

Now what is the best time to come? You really need to be there when everyone is not interested, so arrive early on the weekend or when its cold or raining. Otherwise you will have a good time but you will have to dodge a lot of people. You probably won’t do this so your best riding is closer to the Anzac bridge through to the Harbour Bridge and slowly through to the Opera House.

Naturally travel on trains and but coming in by cars to the adjacent suburbs is much better when its early. Forget train travel in peak time with your bike, you will need a fold-up bike.

See the map here >>

From the Anzac Bridge right around to the end of Darling Harbour, you can ride freely on the super wide paths. Don’t plan on going fast, lots of people. Once you pass the Casino at Barangaroo, the trail opens up a bit and the lack of shops makes the riding easier though it still can be busy.
Its good fun riding around Barangaroo and when you travel onwards to the Harbour Bridge you need to ride in a cycle lane on a road. This is pretty good on the weekend as the road is very wide. During the week it will be worse. An alternative is to ride around some of the wharfs near the bridge. They have great views.

This ride is suited to all bike styles.


Glebe Area is adjacent to Darling Harbour. 

This is a great area but the cycling can be more balancing as it gets very popular on the weekends.  Around Jubilee Park is an area called The Tram Sheds and a little creek trail called Johnstons Creek with a great viaduct.  This is a great place to take mini kids cycling as there are good play parks as well as some easy tracks for the them to ride.

See the trail here >> and read more in the following article

Glebe and North Balmain

Sydney Park

If you live near Erskineville or are on a trainline to St Peters Station, Sydney Park is a place for a bit of casual bike riding. Ten years ago, we regularly used to head to Sydney park because they have a great traffic light bike park for the kids. Our kids also used to enjoy a big hill where they could roll down and there is lots of grass to kick a ball. Nowadays the whole park is a mecca for walkers, kids cyclists and dog lovers. Its also a very pleasant place to ride a bike if you enjoy the experience of going slowly past the 101 Dalmatians. It can also be great place to practice short hill climbs. The paths up the hill tend to be a lot emptier and if you want real exercise, 20 times up the five different tracks will sort you out more than a tread mill.

See the map, tracks criss-cross the park >>

Given that two times around the park is only 6 km’s of riding, you should head down Huntley St to get to the markets and cafes of “The Mills Of Alexandria”. Take a bike lock if you go there as you cannot drag the bike into the cafe areas or markets. Once you are on Bourke Rd, head south down the special bike bath and you will be at Mascot Station and then the bike trail to Brighton le Sands.

Anyone on the Cooks river can ride down that trail to Mascot then Bourke Rd and end up in Sydney Park, have a snack and then catch a train home from St Peters station. St. Peters Station has quite a few steps to get to all platforms and no lifts.

Starting at the Northern Carpark and heading in a clockwise direction

Map of Sydney Park in Erskinville

Kids playpark is super

Here is a challenge, ride all the tracks and do it in less than 10 km

Whites Creek Lane

What a great little back road trail this is. It bounces around between everyones garage doors, some great city parks and even passes under the the famous reinforced concrete aqueduct. Totally recommended to explore once and if you want some more speed, try the adjacent streets, they have lots of white painted bikes and are pretty good to ride. Dead flat and connects to Rozelle Bay and Anzac Bridge Cycle way.


Distance: 2.3 km

External Links: Sydney Park is home to Sydney Cycleways and their program of bike maintenance and bike skill workshops. They have a page on the Sydney Park tracks here. There is now a giant skateboard park and a small kids cycling track.

See all the photos of Whites Creek and Sydney Park here >>

Cycling from Rushcutters Bay to Darling Harbour

Beat the Bus No 5 – Alexandria to Darling Harbour Precinct

The Goods Line to Darling Harbour