Android Google My Maps annoyance

In 2020, Google introduced user created Maps in a much more convenient spot in the Hierocracy.  Then the next release it become harder to use.  If you switch Google Maps often like I do like from Sydney Bike Trails to Jigsaw, here is how you do it on an Android phone.  
This is the Sydney jigsaw map. Switch to the Sydney Bike Trail using the Saved button


At the bottom of the Saved menu is Maps
Choose your Map (you will need to have saved it)
Click on the map
Very annoyingly it then returns to the Map list (right at the beginning). Choose the back arrow at the top of the menu


Now Choose Explore – In fact if you see Explore at anytime, select it. Once you have selected it you should be fine.

If all else fails, start again with the map links here 

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