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In this site you will find information on recreational bike trails from all over Australia. These will be over 10km long and free from cars or will be on roads where cars don’t tend to hang out much.

Our most detailed map, eastern Sydney extending into the north and west.
Use this link

or use these links to our these parts of Sydney on the Sydney map

Western Parklands,   Parramatta and Northern SydneyNorth of SydneySouth of Sydney or All of Australia (map below)

Australian Trails

Following is our map of Australian Bike Trails. It includes your editors trails which are clustered around Sydney mainly and trails by the well travelled bike blogger Helen Domish from UncoolCyclingClub and some other great posts as well. Enjoy your riding.    Garry your Editor and Surveyor 

The Sydney Jigsaw Map 


If you want a challenge, try our multi-day around Sydney bike trail…

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Using Our Google Maps

See the Beat the Bus Series for ideas on where to ride to work in Sydney

See a map of major hurdles to the Sydney Bicycle Network
If you use more than one of our maps, you may wish to read about Google Map Annoyances here

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