Olympic Park to the City – Ride North or South of the Parramatta River?

I wanted to compare the quickest commute trail from Olympic park area to the Anzac bridge. So I rode from Rozelle to Rhodes via Lillyfield Rd then back down the north side of the river to see which side of the river was better. The result is Rhodes to Rozelle (Anzac Bridge ramp) north or […]

A fab Northern Beaches ride

I have hunted the maps of the Sydney northern beaches for two years now and gave up on ever finding a half decent trail between the great Manly trail and the super Dee Why/Narrabeen Lake.  Then I ran into Richard, the eBikeDiary guy in Gladesville and recognised his bike instantly. We promised to go on […]

The M4 Cycleway

Saw a note in one of the western bike user groups about a ride that included riding back down the M4 cycleway. So I looked around and found some references to it. I rode to Redfern and hoped on a train to Rhodes at 9 30am not busy as usual. I rode from Rhodes (boom […]

BMX at the Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park at homebush has a really fun BMX track.  In this picture bmx track to ourselves at 8am on Sunday. I loved though it would have take a Bradbury to win anything. Click here to view all the pictures from Bike riding at Olympic Park There is also another BMX track at Barden Ridge […]