Cyclists – Lead by example

Cyclists are always aware of people, bikes and cars. We understand safe space. Tell your friends to keep a distance at all times, think of it as riding a bike.  Would you ever intentionally stay close to others. Tell your family and friends – DON’T JOIN A CROWD TILL THIS CV19 IS OVER

Sydney Bike Trails

When I first started thinking about Sydney trails, my head was filled with thoughts of steep hills, cars and faded white pictures of bikes on green patches on the road. After a much exploring, I can now positively say that Sydney has 1500km of great scenic recreational bike trails which are definitely worth exploring. All […]


This page is for NSW South (of Sydney) and NSW North and Canberra Articles include plenty of pictures of the trail plus a map and a little advice on how to get started. CLICK on the links below for trails in NSW that are not in the metropolis of Sydney. Newcastle and Fernleigh and Port […]