Canberra – From Top to Bottom

As my friends Howie and Gaz were both arriving from the Hume Highway, I decided day 1 of our ride down the complete length of Canberra would start in the far north. I picked a football oval with lots of parking in Casey and we headed there. It was 8:30 in the morning and I […]

Bike verses the machine

As I ride I occasionally see interesting cars and other man made machines that compare well against the bike of the day. So I stack them together and take a photo. On my journeys around Sydney and beyond I have seen a few interesting European cars, some strange devices like the massive rugby training pusher […]

People on Bike Trails

As I am riding along on my push bike honey, I tend to take a lot of pictures. Sometimes these are pictures of other people riding around. Sometimes they are just my wife in her flouro jacket. To celebrate people on bike trails, here are a few photos and I will continue to add to […]

The Hunt1000 Bike Epic

A 100 hardy souls have taken off on one of the worlds great bike journeys, the Hunt 1000 from Canberra to Melbourne.  The weather at this time of the year is usually pretty good and there is no snow and not much mud. This year its freezing, there has been snow, the winds are strong […]

Emu Plains to Windsor and NW Sydney

West of the M7 Cycleway are two good riding areas. Emu Plains and the Sydney Regatta centre gives you lots of easy riding (25km). Further north of this is the Windsor area and the Hills District. Once you leave Windsor you can ride back to the North West of Sydney and the M7 Cycleway. Emu […]

What bikes will I talk about ?

  My bike trails are targeted towards a fun safe ride not a fast road ride. Bearing this in mind, the best bike for me is a comfortable bike that you are in full control of.    Enjoy the trail- say hello to people you meet and see something new everyday if you can.  Garry from […]

I have an idea.

30 years of programming is a long time I told my accountant. Can I cut back on the hours. We do the sums and the answer was yes. That was the easy part, now what to do ? In the garage was a bike, covered with cobwebs. Give that a shot. That was a good […]