From the ashes

You will no doubt have heard about the Australian fires. We live in a land of eucalyptus trees which unfortunately burn like like crazy in dry times. We are enduring the driest of dry times. If you live overseas, don’t be disheartened, our country is still in business so book a holiday to our fair […]

What’s Your Plan B ?

In Australia they encourage you to take public transport to your night out and drinkies. The other plan is as follows Drive to your destination but leave your bike at home Taxi or public transport home Wake up in the morning with an alarm that says pickup up car. Ride back to the car, load […]

Cycling In Vietnam

When it comes to Cycling in Vietnam, I know very little and that is likely the position you will be in when you come to Vietnam. So here are the main facts. Everyone in Vietnam rides a motor scooter all the time, sure there are a few people who ride bicycles and a few cars […]