Finding an Australian Beach Ride

One would think the goal of an Australian cycling tourist would be to ride along the coastal trails of Australia, see some surfers whilst enjoying a peaceful trail and some ocean breezes.  To help you be the first,  here are a list of trails that are over 15km long one way that mainly showcase beaches […]

Lets Go Cycling

A few weeks ago I setup a new Private Facebook group call Lets Go Cycling The purpose of the group is to encourage people to go cycling or to help them find places on a bicycle.  In other-words, cycling stories, maps and just happy cycling photos.  Anyone can contribute, its quite a lively group and […]

Cyclists – Lead by example

Cyclists are always aware of people, bikes and cars. We understand safe space. Tell your friends to keep a distance at all times, think of it as riding a bike.  Would you ever intentionally stay close to others. Tell your family and friends – DON’T JOIN A CROWD TILL THIS CV19 IS OVER

The Boo-Hoo Barge – No New Photos

In April we were going on a Barge trip from Amsterdam to Bruges. That ain’t happening for pretty obvious reasons. So now I am going to pass on some of the cycling links that I came across apart from the Barge cruise. Dutch day trips   or Tulip Tours or one big Tulip Tour In Germany […]