Northen Road heading south

Add 25km and more to your M7 Cycleway Ride

A common theme amongst Sydney cyclists is that the cycle paths are terrible. Well that is certainly true in middle suburbs like Punchbowl and Greenacre and much of the North Shore but its not the case as you head into the newer suburbs in the far west. Great small examples out west are Potts Hill […]

Sydney Jigsaw Puzzle

The worlds biggest puzzle

One thing that I have noticed when riding around Sydney is that people love walking and running loops. There are the hugely popular Iron Cove 7km, Nepean River 8km and good old Centennial Park 4km tracks and then lots of smaller loops around football parks and small council parks. I even saw a group of […]

Finding an Australian Beach Ride

One would think the goal of an Australian cycling tourist would be to ride along the coastal trails of Australia, see some surfers whilst enjoying a peaceful trail and some ocean breezes.  To help you be the first,  here are a list of trails that are over 15km long one way that mainly showcase beaches […]

Lets Go Cycling

A few weeks ago I setup a new Private Facebook group call Lets Go Cycling The purpose of the group is to encourage people to go cycling or to help them find places on a bicycle.  In other-words, cycling stories, maps and just happy cycling photos.  Anyone can contribute, its quite a lively group and […]