Adelaide : South Australia

Adelaide is one of Australia’s smallest cities and it pretty easy to get some cycling in. Fly in, check into a hotel or bnb and rent a decent bike without much guess work,

Day 0:    When i arrived at my hotel, Treadly bikes had my Brompton ready at reception. Bike SA have a lot of good bike hiring options. That night I ate in the restaurant area called Gouger St.

Day 1:   I joined a bike group and rode to Port Adelaide on the outer harbour cycleway. Much of this is new and it is designed as a community experience as much as a shared path. A few good back roads and lots of old Adelaide stone fronted houses.

Here are photos from that ride


Day 2:  Another bike group ride and we travelled down the linear path on the River Torrens to the coast and then south down the coast to Glenelg. Today I rode Murray’s hard trail mtb which is probably the bike of choice for Adelaide path riding because it copes with all track issues. We returned along the tram line which is a good quality path. I rode on the Parklands trail this day.

River Torrens River Park Trail Mike Turtur Bikeway

All the photos from this day


Day 3:  This was another ride with a few friends to Belair on the train. We had coffee at the top in a wonderful cafe. Then we wizzed down a very steep hill. 20% on a Brompton….. The rest of the way was back street riding on the south side of the railway all the way back to mile end station near the city.
All the photos here and the map link here (in green) 

Day 4:   I headed through the botanical gardens and up the linear park path on the River Torrens following the fantastic oBann busway. This was a super Australian gumtree ride. I tried to stay on the left side path on the way up and the other side on the way down. I only made a mess of my plan twice and once pushed my bike up some well designed stairs.

Here is a link to the paths near central Adelaide >>


Adelaide Central

If you ride a bike in Adelaide, you will ride up the river through past the Adelaide Festival Centre and near the Adelaide Cricket Ground.  You can ride both sides of the river though the city will be slow going with lots of walkers.  Pictures start from Torrens River Weir and run up to the bridge where the path Intersects the Adelaide Parklands trail.

Here is your map link for the central path in purple >>
Photos of the parklands trail here >>
Photos from Adelaide Central here >>


Videos of Adelaide