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If you can get out early, this is a fabulous ride. Once the tourists and workers start heading off for lunch, the crowds are huge. Its dead flat, the trail is generally loaded with people, there is a bit of road riding near the bridge.

20km of riding around if you go between the Anzac and Harbour Bridges

See the map here >>

Today I had to pickup a camera at #sydneycity. So I thought I had better try the train stations that I recommend on So at 2pm. I jumped on at #stjamesstation, off at #circularquay, rode past #sydneyharbourbridge and took this photo at #barrangaroo. Then hopped at #wynyardstation and hopped of at #redfernstation. It was a good run, I am getting better at sydneys trains everyday. I have to admit a lighter bike is realy helpful.
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#northerbeachbikers arriving into #darlingharbour on a sunny day in #sydney #biketraildarling #bikesydney #cyclingnsw #biketraildarlingtop ...

Start the #biketrail in #pyrmont. If you go early enough, you can ride comfortably around the many wharfs #ausbestlocations #findthetrails #biketraildarling #biketraildarlingtop ...

Two hours of wandering around #circularquay #therocks and around past #barrangaroo, I recommend #vividsydney #sydneyoperahouse #biketraildarling #biketraildarlingtop ...

Darling Harbour is not a fast ride but it sure is scenic

A most appealing 10km each way ride that takes you from the Anzac Bridge in Pyrmont to the Sydney Harbour Bridge via Darling Harbour. The photos explain the obvious, its a worthwhile ride for locals and tourists.

What you have to think about is
How am I going to get there?
When is a good time to go?

Lets start with the getting there. If you were to come by train with your bike, you could get off at Wynyard, Circular Quay and Milsons Point. Town Hall could also be an option but its a bit trickier. From Wynyard Station head to Barangaroo. From Milsons Point, head up to cross the bridge on the western side and from Circular Quay, carefully make your way around to the base of the bridge and you are away.

If you come by car, best parking would be Glebe and there is metered parking around Pyrmont.

Now what is the best time to come? You really need to be there when everyone is not interested, so arrive early on the weekend or when its cold or raining. Otherwise you will have a good time but you will have to dodge a lot of people. You probably won’t do this so your best riding is closer to the Anzac bridge through to near Barangaroo.

Naturally travel on trains and but coming in by cars to the adjacent suburbs is much better when its early. Forget train travel in peak time with your bike, you will need a fold-up bike.

See the map here >>

At the end of the #cahillexpressway is a view of that building


It's a florolater #biketraildarling on a ride with the northern beach bikers. #darlinghabour #sydneyweekender #nbbikers #northerbeachbikers ...

It's so very spacey at the #chippendalegreen. #biketraildarling ...

Travel tips for #sydneyvivid. Botanical gardens too busy and not so great. The walk past #barrangaroo at night was good. Train from #wynyardstation better try #biketraildarling as a night ride ending at #sydneyharbourbridge where i took these photos ...

From the Anzac Bridge right around to the end of Darling Harbour, you can ride freely on the super wide paths. Don’t plan on going fast. Between Darling Harbour and Barangaroo, there is major building works. You have to negotiate about 400m of road works obstacles, it can be quite slow.

Its good fun riding around Barangaroo and when you travel onwards to the Harbour Bridge you need to ride in a cycle lane on a road. This is pretty good on the weekend as the road is very wide. During the week it will be worse. An alternative is to ride around some of the wharfs near the bridge. They have great views.

This ride is suited to all bike styles


Darling Harbour Trail – see the purple line