The Council Streets of Randwick

On a Sunday I decided to get out early and try the official bike roads as shown on the Randwick Council maps. My trail was to cover the paths between Centennial Park, NSW University, Heffron Park, and Kingsford.

You can find the paths here in PDF format on the Council website >>

or find the Black road paths on the Google map here >>

I began in Bundock St and did a figure 8 for a total distance of 18km. I did the journey on my mtb eBike, I feel better on roads with an eBike with wide tires and suspension..

Bundock St used by cyclists to traverse from Malabar rd to Huston Rd.  An important street for cyclists but no signs of cycling infrastructure

Randwick Streets – Bundock St
Randwick Streets – Bundock St

Sturt St   An important street for cyclists but no signs of cycling infrastructure

Houston Rd – The best of the car bike roads. Quite wide and you can give the car doors a good metre with no drama.  It is now half covered by a shared path (see below)

Houston Rd

Doncaster Avenue – Apart from a few pictures of bikes, this is a poor road for cycling, Its narrow, busy and has car door hazards Its very popular with cyclists despite these issues.
Guess what – this is now a proper shared path

Alison Rd and Wansey Avenue – Fantastic new cycleway next to the tram line

Randwick Streets – Alison Rd

NSW Uni to Heffron Park – a pretty average collection of unsignposted streets that run in a reasonably straight line through to Heffron Park. The traffic on the roads is bearable except near the Hospital where it is very busy. Its your alternative to Anzac Parade or Banks Avenue. Pictured is Byrd Avenue that provides some respite from traffic. Try it, you may like it.

Randwick Streets – Byrd Avenue
Randwick Streets – Byrd Avenue

Banks Avenue – A very popular cycling street that is not without its hazards and popular with cars.

Randwick Streets – Banks Avenue
Randwick Streets – Banks Ave

Thats my figure 8 look at Randwick Rds. They will be going onto my maps with the exception of the great tram line section as Black Bike Paths. In otherwords, take it easy if you need to use them and always watch for cars.

Lets hope all of these paths get a proper bicycle upgrade sometime in the near future, they are popular roads for cyclists. Garry

Note: Lets get this out there, I do not really enjoy riding on roads, I think bike accidents are not individual events, they are a statistical occurrence. So I like to lower my risk by trying to ride somewhere where I will not run into a car door and a car will not accidentally run into me.


More Photos from BikeTrail from Centennial to the University of NSW 

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