The Greater Sydney BikeTrail got some great press

Last weekend the trail that I put together to join many of the scenic trails around Sydney was featured on pages 22 and 23 of the Sydney Morning Herald. You can read the article on the SMH here or click on the pic below to see a picture of the article.   Read about the trail on my website here

Background:  More than four years ago I retired from MS Office Programming and was looking for a hobby. Cycling and mapping became my passion and with Sydney being a 80km x 40km maxi city with complex cycle paths and routes, I had my challenge.  The around Sydney loop is just something that only became obvious after countless hours of building a map.

Newsletter Note:   I will be closing down my email newsletter that is delivered from MailChimp.  I have been using the same technique for delivering Blog Posts as newsletters for about 20 years.   Thanks to all the Microsoft Access folks that still read my stuff.  I will continue on posting photographs and notes on Facebook.  Search for Lets Go Cycling or Greater Sydney BikeTrail or just find me in friends.  I have an Instagram account called BikeTrail.Info that I use for some photographs.

9/11/2023  – MailChimp account was closed and all data removed.  

Garry Robinson
ex Microsoft Access MVP and self appointed Happy on a bicycle guy

This is my map of Sydney, it has been used 2 million times.

2 responses to “The Greater Sydney BikeTrail got some great press”

  1. Adrian webb Avatar
    Adrian webb

    Gary . Thank you for sharing such helpful & interesting information for such a long time.
    I have learnt of areas that I didn’t know existed & have been encouraged to get out & explore new areas based on your information .
    I am so pleased that you have had your great effort published in the smh.
    This hopefully will encourage more involvement with local councils & the wider cycling enthusiasts to see your work grow into a great Sydney asset for all to enjoy.
    Good on you for all your hard work .
    Much appreciated Adrian Webb

  2. Phil Avatar

    Great work Garry, and thanks for your amazing contribution to cycling in Sydney. You are a legend

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