Best New Sydney Cycle Infrastructure Awards -2022

Here are the best bicycle infrastructure improvements in 2022 across the whole of Sydney. To win, there must be an increase in the numbers of people using the path or facility, the path has to pretty safe, good looking and fun to ride. It doesn’t have to be long if it connects existing trails better.

Now if you want some suspense – watch the video or scroll down for the winners

1st Place – Barangaroo

See on map >>

Usage: Very High
Distance: 2km
Cost: A lot

See photos of the area or view the video here

2nd Place – Queens Park Cycleway

See the video   or view the path on the map.

Distance: 1.5km around Queens Park
Usage: Medium

Third Place – Bondi Junction 

See the video here

Distance: 1.5m from Prince Alfred Park to Belmore Park
Usage:: High near the Bus Station and medium through the city
Cost: 5 million
See on map >>

Honourable Mentions for 2022
Gadigal Avenue and Crystal St – Waterloo
See the video    See on map
Rose Bay Cycleway
See the video    See on map

Railway Avenue, Stanmore
See the video    See on the map

Other Projects in 2022
Pacific Highway from St Leonards to Chatswood
See the video    See on the map
Ashmore and Harley St, Alexandria
See the video    See on the map
Livingstone Rd Shared path and the connection from Lewisham to Marrickville
See on the mapWigram St, Parramatta
See on the mapThe King St East Cycleway
See the videoBroughton St, Canada Bay to Elizabeth Park

See map

The bridge over South Creek at Narabeen

See on the map
From last year – still editing the page


Shonkies Prize Winner 2022


let me announce the Cough Cough winner of the Shonkies Cycling Infrastructure award 2022
Salt Pan Creek
In 2017 I quite enjoyed exploring Salt Pan Creek and the pathways which I did walk in places.
Now its a pretty awful place to take your bike, the floods have not done it any favours. But worse than that is the burnt out bridge that connects the east Riverwood to the west Padstow. It also ruins any reasonable path between Bankstown and Riverwood. Above the bridge pass 10000+ cars a day. Its the only connection between four suburbs.
It’s a disgrace
Previous recipients were
Sydney Harbour Bridge steps twice
All the crap bollards in Sydney
The peoples park mountain at St Peters

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