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One of the unique things about most of the videos on BikeTrail.Blog is that they are designed to show a cycle trail  – warts and all.  Generally those videos comprise of a slideshow of photos and mini videos in order from beginning of the ride to the end . Many of them are visible here on YouTube ( )

Book mark that and you will be able to return to the videos.  Better still just Subscribe to the channel on YouTube and different videos from the 100 plus list will appear from time to time.  That should inspire you to go cycling.

AdFree: If you want to see a similar list of videos to YouTube but without the advertisements, see the BikeTrail Vimeo Channel  This is where the videos are generally put together. This offers a better resolution as well, always check what default resolution YouTube has dished up using the Video settings.  All the photos and videos are uploaded at 1080p.

Sample Playlists on YouTube

One the right of the video you can choose other videos in the list.  Lets start with videos that show the Greater Sydney BikeTrail.

The playlist for the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

The popular M7 Cycleway area

Iron Cove and the Cooks River Trail

Cycling in the North West of Sydney

If you want to see all the videos on a map – click here for the Sydney Photo and Video map

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