Wollongong becomes a part of Sydney

On the first of April, the NSW government announced that it was going to expand the Sydney three cities plan into the Greater Sydney Cities plan which would also include the cities of Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast and Lower Hunter.

Seemed a decent idea to me and I decided to expand the Sydney Cycle Map to also include those regions.  Hey presto, the Wollongong trails have now been added to the map. These great rides are accessible on a short car trip or on a train ride from Central Station.

I was keen to start with Wollongong because it will host the World Cycling Championships 2022 in September.  I have now added the road race to the Greater Sydney Cities Map and it will stay on the map in Yellow till after the race.  It is all roads but what do you expect when they travel in large bunches at 50km per hour.

So here is the new Wollongong page and here is the map.

Its really good riding, a worthy place to host the world cycling championships.  Enjoy the photos, Sydney cycling just got better.

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