Beat the Bus #11 – the speedy RiverCat

Twice a day there is a no stop River Cat ferry from Barangaroo wharf to Olympic Park, Sydney’s best off road cycling place.  Leaves at 7:30 and 8:30 at the time of writing.  Takes 25 minutes.  Similar no stoppers return late in the day from Olympic Park.

So the challenge was ride from Redfern Station to Barrangaroo, catch the ferry to Olympic Park. Then compare that to riding back from Olympic Park using the best assortment of paths and roads.  The return journey route is debatable but with the work around Rozelle and Victoria Road, this is the easiest at the moment (IMHO).  So watch the video before you read the results.  No ads on Vimeo, best in the app on the phone or better at high res full screen on a PC.

Summary, the trip through the city can vary in times depending on whether you get lights or not.   The lift I used was Market st.  Give yourself plenty of time if you are commuting (30 minutes+) from Redfern until you get used to the journey.  Boarding the River Cat, ask the ferry guy where to park.

Coming back I went via Mortlake to Queen Elizabeth Park.  Then rode across the netball courts and then across Parramatta Rd using the crossing at Walker St.  I cross Ashfield Park and Petersham Park and use the Stanmore separated Cycleway and Wilson St.

Result: Boat and Bicycle won by 7 minutes which wasn’t all that much.  That includes 5 minutes at the wharf because you don’t want to miss this ferry.  

See the Strava route here and the RideWithGPS route here

Here are the Strava pictures for the bike and then the tram ride back.


Find the latest tracks on the Sydney Map here



Some Pics


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