15 million photo views on google maps

Past 15 Million views of my biketrail photos on Google Maps. That story follows.

Location Based Photos of Trails

On the Australian bicycle trail map is a Map Layer called Photos of Trails.  You can turn that layer on, find the camera icon on map where you want to ride and see photos of all the nearby cycling delights (or not).  Its a great way to decide if you want to ride a trail.

Included in that are photos of many of Sydney trails including trails that don’t feature on the Australian Map.  See the cameras icons on the map 

See also photos of Newcastle and Central Coast, Wollongong and Bowral, and even Adelaide

Back to the Five Mill Views 

Every few days for a long time I have been added photos and some reviews to the Google Maps that almost everyone on the planet uses every day.

I like to post photographs that describe a place and mostly includes a picture of a bicycle or bike path.  In otherwords, I like to promote cycling. So far I have posted 1650 photos

See my latest contributions to Google here, scroll down the pictures to see more and more 


What Can you Do ? 

Give Google Maps photo Contributions a try one day. Post a picture of place you love cycling to and slowly convince the world that happiness can be found on a bike. Obviously people look at these photos as 5 million views of 1,500 photos is a lot of eyeballs. 

Just One Contribution Can Help

I added a place in the North Shore called Careden Reserve because it had a Council Bicycle shared path and it wasn’t on Google Maps. In two weeks this picture of Bruce and the path has been viewed 700 times.  Adding places is a tricky process, I also added a important cycleway and another park which I then contributed a number of photos to show the cycling treats.


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