Burbing to the max – how the East was won

A month or two back I ran out of cycling challenges (read mapping challenges) so I started riding every street in the east of Sydney within my LGA of Randwick and then my 5km radius from my house  which extends into Bondi, Paddington, Roseberry and Dover Heights.  See a map of most of my specific Burbing rides here, see lots of  photos here or find more detail on this style of riding on this page on Bondi here

What sort of rides did I plan

This was a big canvas so just going back and forth in one suburb on one ride would have been efficient but pretty boring.  I found it was best to ride to an area and the go up and down a few streets and then ride to another suburb.  Another useful thing to to was to mop up a few streets on the way out to an area so you wouldn;t have to do them later.  Here are 4 rides (out of 25) that used this technique.   Here is one of my Strava rides to search for more

Which were the best areas for riding the streets  in the East ?

I loved the hilly sections around Bellevue Hill and it was a tricky area to work out a burbing strategy.  I have an ebike, others may not share my love.  Another great area was the really small streets in the Paddington south and Surry Hills area.  Many streets were one way and some didn’t allow cars at all.  Bondi was unique with its concrete streets and North Bondi has great views. You can see these areas by turning on Great Burbing in the menu on this map.

Motivation – Photo Collections

When I ride I collect photos.  Burbing is fantastic for photo collections becuase you are always seeing new stuff. It helps to be into irony because you can see some strange things like this lane that was in Randwick and was all garage doors and no visible greenery. It also helps if you think about what the people in that area are living like. Are they down on their luck but happy. Or rich with not interaction with the world.  It doesn’t matter too much where you are because you see it all and then 5 minutes later you are somewhere else.  Collections of photos that were enhanced include People on Bikes, Bikes and Buildings and  Cars versus Bikes

Maybe just one plant visible in the lane !


Burbing can be fun, read more about the techniques on the Bondi post

Statistics of Burbing the East

Without spending a lot of time on calculating these, I estimate the the roads in my LGA plus 5km to the north are about 1000km in length and I needed an ebike because there was 10,000m of climbing.  All up I did about 30 days of riding at about 2 hours a ride.  Its lockdown in NSW and this passed the time

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  1. I did something similar in Balmain many years ago. Discovered quite a lot I didn’t know existed even though I’d lived there for a few years. Even had to carry my bike across a wee bit of beach!

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