Micro-Burbing Bondi

Lockdowns are monotonous for everyone except cyclists. Eventually even they run out of standard rides in their lockdown area.  Thats why Burbing was invented.
But what is Burbing: to cycle every road in a suburb (this can be done across multiple rides) as per Bicycle Network in Victoria.

And so it came to pass that I burbed around Bondi on my eBike with camera in my handlebar pouch. Enjoy my Bondi Burbing video.


Long before I rode these two rides, I realised that pure burbing was also boring, who wants to keep riding up street after street in the same area hour after hour. So I decided I would only do a few streets in an area and then move on.  I call this micro-burbing.  But it is a little more complex than that, what you need to do is ride as many roads that you haven’t ridden before as you move from one place to the other. This allows you to tick off streets a lot quicker than going down the same old roads or paths every time.

But How Do You Do It

I am a mapper so naturally I am doing a roll your own technique.  The easy way seems to be to use the Wandrer App.  I haven’t tried but it gets the good press.

The other option is to turn your recorder on an knock out 100km in your local area to make a map on the one day.  Maybe you could not turn it off at the end of the day and start again in the morning, sounds a little adventurous.  Another way would be to import all the rides into a Google myMaps to make your map.  RideWithGPS has collections and they could be used though their colour schemes can be annoying. Komoot has collections too.

What I am doing is using Strava Personal Heat maps.  You need a paid Subscriber account to create the map.  I put the map on one screen of my computer and plan my ride in Komoot on the other screen.  Here is my personal heat map from 2019 till now.  My target is to ride every trail in Randwick LGA plus my 5km radius before this lockdown finishes.  Soon as it finishes, I am outa here because the cars will be back and I will be back on the cool trails of Sydney.

Bellevue Hill
Burbing Bondi – lots of gaps
Mostly the Randwick Local Government Area

How many kilometres will I need to ride.  My guess it will be about 5000.  I have done 5000 so far this year and most of that is in the area.  To tell you the truth, I will probably need Wandrer to work it.

Everyones Heat Map

Do you want to know where everyone else has been riding ?  Try the free RideWithGPS map or the Strava one that requires an account

There was more to do in Bondi

I went back to Bondi again as there are many streets I hadn’t been down, here are some more photos. Its a weird and wacky area.



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