The Owl and The Pussycat

You see blog posts from time to time about Strava Art and for a fleeting moment you might be interested in doing one. That was me until one day I spied an Owl in my Strava Heat map and I got to thinking. A few days later after a couple of practice runs, I did it. This video describes the ride. The final product needs more work, come back with your best attempt.

Here is the link to the BikeNorth strava art competition (note the cat). They are a really well organised Cycling club based in Sydney’s North and Parramatta areas and here was my entry into that competition, it was about the around Sydney bike ride.See some really good strava drawings here or come up with something yourself.BTW. The Owl and the pussy-cat uses grass riding and the technique of pausing Strava, riding to another location and then riding again to form a straight line. The triangle is a guitar if you cannot figure it out.Here is the poem in case you have forgotten about this lovely romanceFinally here is the link to the Strava ride itself or if you don’t have strava, see it with OpenCycleways here

The Dragon

Not long after posting the Owl, someone pointed out this wonderful Strava Art from the Inner West of Sydney that was completed on the same day Australia in Melbourne

Dancing Dog

I noticed another animal hiding in the streets of Clovelly. This one is pretty easy to work out but the legs are all the way down the steep slopes of Coogee. See Strava here

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