Ride using Voice Navigation – then …

By now if you are in Sydney you should have well and truly mastered your LGA and 10km area. In Melbourne your 5km will be a thing of beauty as you have done it before and in Adelaide your 2.5 km area will be getting dull. 

Its time for a new skill that you can use for ever

Voice Navigation riding. This is where the phone/device stays in your pocket and the app tells you what to do. Your choices are

  1. Specialist GPS device costing $$$
  2. RideWithGPS paid subscription. I have been told this is pretty good.
  3. Komoot which is free
  4. BikeMap.net  This has voice navigation and has a big user base. A user said this voice system worked good
  5. Google Maps bicycle routing has voice but is not great overall

So as its free try Komoot*. I really like the way it calls the ride. The turning instructions are very clever in that it seems to give the instruction at the right distance to make the decision. Google would say something like in 200m turn left at Phillip St and then if you could remember Phillip St you couldn’t find the street sign. Anyway it does it well.

Picture one below is a planned Komoot lane ride that I did using voice in my pocket near Centennial Park on my folding bike. Picture 2 is me going full Surveyor design mode using two screens with 4 apps as follows

with my Aussie map > Komoot > Google Street view > Strava Heat Map *Note: The trick to Komoot is that planned rides hide under your “Profile” .  I happily record my rides in Strava and use Voice on Komoot at the same time.  Using voice will save battery life because you you will not need to look at the screen much

Komoot Voice Navigation Plan – Try riding this without instructions 🙂


Planning for trip

Now for the bike computer

You are getting good at voice, now is the time to move to screen navigation.  Get a bike computer, use an old phone with a cheap Sim plan or at last resort, stick your expensive phone on the bike.  Now you will be trained to listen to instructions and will only look at the screen very briefly or with the bike off the side of the road or track.

In my setup, I have a light/big battery with decent clips to grip the phone.  It also comes with a horn that beeps loader than a bell.  Find it at Amazon

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