Riding from Centennial to La Perouse and then to Mascot Station – Video

  This video shows you the more more scenic way to La Perouse. Returning to Eastgardens the path shown is the Council road track to Heffron Park then its west using Wentworth Avenue Cycleway when its available. Finally dip around the back of Mascot and down to Coward St using Baxter Rd and then the short O’Riordan Cycleway.

Here is a video of the ride with Instructions


Background:  When I travelled around Sydney on the Great Sydney BikeTrail, my first big adventure was to travel down the coast from Coogee to La Perouse and then follow some quirky back roads around to Mascot Station.  This area is really popular with the thin wheel riders as they love to travel down from Centennial Park to La Perouse on Anzac Pde or along the main roads on the coast.  If you are travelling around Sydney and want to go via La Perouse, just go which ever way you are comfortable with.  You have a long way to go so don’t get hung up with all the tricky backroads that I use all the time.

See it on the Sydney Map here or in RideWithGPS here

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  1. this is great – thanks! Do you know of a way to ride from Sutherland to Darling Harbour/Sussex Street by bike to commute to work safely?

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