East to the Opera House

Cycling from Central Station to get views of the Sydney Opera House and travel a safe route, this is possible and its quite an entertaining ride. The key to this ride is Bourke Street on the east side of Surry Hills. This actually isn’t too far from Central Station and you can ride the Surry Hills streets to cut across to it from Central Station. But we are not going to do that, we are going to follow the green cycleways that the city has provided us.

Map of ride to see the Opera House >>

First of all we cycle away from the harbour towards Redfern Station and we do this by cycling past the Prince Alfred Park Pool and across Prince Alfred Park to George street. We follow George Street up to and across the busy Redfern St and stop at a small street called Turner Street. Here we can turn right and head to Redfern Station. We will turn left and ride down Turner St and across the wonderful Redfern Oval. We then go down the less busy part of Redfern St, turn into Young St and then left into Telopia St. At the end of Telopia St you are at Bourke St. We are going to ride north up Bourke St all the way to water. Another option is to head to Centennial Park as described here.

Taste Alert: There are ample great coffee shops and eating places all through Redfern and all along Bourke St.

The Bourke St Cycleway is really good piece of segregated bike only trail that runs from Redfern to Woolloomooloo. The only downside to this trail is road crossings. There are quite a lot of them. When your bike arrives at the road, a sensor is set off so you don’t have to press any buttons for attention.

Follow the trail all the way till you can see the water at Wolloomooloo. Just before the wharfs is a street called Wilson St. This is how you get to Sydney Harbour. Head to the walkway which is two stories up. You don’t need to use the stairs as there is a small lift. Cross the freeway and you are in the Domain next to the NSW Art Gallery. Now you can ride to the water along the not so busy roads and the views in all directions are super. If you don’t want to ride home, St James Station is the nearest and is quite bike friendly. The Boy Charlton Pool is great place for a swim.

The Botanical Gardens allows bicycles but you must walk them. After that you arrive at the Opera House where it is really busy all of the time. So you are not going to make great time through this spectacular part of Sydney. The Darling Harbour story is here.

Also show on the Google map of the Eastern Suburbs is the easiest way to get to Sydney University. This is a really popular riding area with over a 1000 riders a day. This part of the trail starts from Redfern Station and ends up at the pool in Victoria Park.
Here are all the photos of this trail >>

The Boy Charlton Pool – Wooloomoloo


The Prince Alfred Park pool next to Central Station
Turn left at Wilson St to cross the freeway


More PHOTOS in Instagram are all on this Link >>

Getting to Green Square Station

With the recent monster upgrade of the Zetland area near Southern Cross Drive, you can now get from the Supacentre Shops to Green Square Railway station in 7 minutes. There are lots of coffee shops and big wide paths. This is very similar to the time it takes to get to Redfern Station. See the green trail on this map >>>

Nearby is the really popular Centennial Park ride and you can certainly combine that ride as well.


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