The Greater Sydney BikeTrail is gathering steam

Back in 2017 I suddenly took the urge to ride around Sydney.  I posted the story and the video and no one really got inspired to go around.  Well those days are behind us.  17 people have gone around and 2 more are planned for this weekend.  Its a happening thing and here is the new map page to help you 

Now you will notice on the map page there are photographs but its more than that, they are organised in sequence on sections of the trail.  Just click on one to see the folder.

As well as that there are the other journeys of people that have gone before you.  Use them to inspire you.  The pink trail is the shorter condensed trail and that takes in the four markers you must go around to complete a lap (145km).
So remember it doesn’t matter how many days it takes or how you do it as long as you don’t drive around in a car.  One day I might do it using trains and a bike because 145km is a long way when you are a rubbish rider like me.

Join this Facebook group, make a pledge and lets see how you ride around Sydney   You can ask questions and review answers in the group. Read what Bicycle NSW said about the challenge here

Here are the rules for going around Sydney.  Go around these four markers. End of rules.

Greater Sydney BikeTrail: The Rules

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