The Goods Line to Darling Harbour

A great little trail that runs from Central Station down to the really good Darling Harbour trail. If you get off at Central Station, head for the Redfern/south end next to Devonshire St. Now head north-west towards UTS/Railway Square/Darling Harbour down the 400m long Devonshire St tunnel. You will need to walk your bike through here as there are always crowds and people running and pushing prams etc.

When you come to the end continue in an almost straight direction through another 100 m tunnel. You will arrive at The Goods Line of which I have many pictures below. This is next to the University of Technology, Sydney. Travel down that in a NNE direction till you reach the great Power House Museum. You take the short ramp down to Darling Drive and you can follow that all the way to Darling Harbour on a good separated cycleway. Or you can turn right at the Exhibition Tram Stop and head into Darling Harbour and why not…

The Goods Line is a great way to get to the Harbour Bridge, Glebe and Balmain . Its not far to Darling Harbour so take a push scooter or skateboard if you want to have some fun and get on and off the train with no fuss.

See the Darling Harbour trail and Goods Line trail on google maps in Purple  >>

Pictures start on the East Side of Central Station, run through under the railway lines and then down to Darling Harbour. They conclude at the Ian Thorpe Swimming pool which is near the Powerhouse Museum.
See all the Pictures here >>

External Links: Walking the Goods Line The Ian Thorpe Swimming Pool is near the Powerhouse. Description of the Goods Line


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