Liverpool to Glenfield

One handy little trail to know in Sydney is the Liverpool to Glenfield path that runs alongside the railway line.  It is at the end of the Liverpool Railtrail.

Its a bit messy in Liverpool but once you head down the hill and under the M5 bridge, it is just a good trail with river views.  The highlight of the trip is the Casula Powerhouse which has art displays and good cafe where you can sit next to your bikes. After the Powerhouse, cross the railway line using the train lifts and bridge and then ride on the west side all the way to Glenfield.  There are always bell birds ringing and finches jumping.

The same path will help you get to the M7 Cycleway 

What is important about Glenfield is that the trains into the city are very fast as it goes express after Revesby all the way to Mascot.

The trail beside the trainline leading south into the park at Casula

The trail is here on the Sydney Map >>

I love a good tank and Casula has two
Getting near Glenfield
The M5 highway
I love this old powerhouse building
Green finches
the trail by the Georges River


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