What happened in early 2021 cycling wise

A few popular articles or posts from early 2021 that you may have missed on my Facebook page called BikeTrail.Info

When the Sydney M12 roadway gets built, it will create a large T shaped cycle-path. For now it is effecting the Wylde MTB track

I keep links to the photo albums of different trails on my Australian Cycle Map. This is useful in Sydney because I have a lot of albums. Turn on photos in the legend.  Go to map


JCDecaux : I would like to bring to your attention an issue with your bus shelter advertising in Sydney. In doing so I would like to appeal to your creative design and engineering team in Australia JCDecaux Australia

In Sydney we like to have our shared path cycleways on the edge of busy roads and many times they are the only option for those who will ride across the city. These can often be on bus routes. Unfortunately the design of the bus stop does not take into account the needs of the cyclist causing a merged cycle lane or worst a merged cycle lane in front of the bus stop. Another issue is the latest advertising is top to bottom so we have no idea what the bus passengers are doing behind the advertisement.

Could you review the advertisement designs on shared paths and maybe come up with an engineering policy.

BTW I ran this topic in the popular Sydney Bike Commuters (Regular and New) and the response was mostly that these were dangerous but a few cyclists pointed out the need for high quality bus shelters.

I am happy to locate shared paths with dangerous signs for you, I have mapped and photographed all of Sydneys cycleways.  Garry Robinson.

Way out in the Northwest of Sydney in Kellyville you have two choices to ride towards Windsor. One is the really noisy Windsor Rd. Another is Smalls Creek shown in this video.

Smalls Creek

This post of mine was really popular in the Sydney Commuters FB group

“It’s been a while since I have ridden up the Pitt St cycleway and today I did it at 9:30 am. There was a few cyclists using the path but experience was terrific.

Now it’s one way and single lane for the cars, people are safely crossing the street in all sorts of places, in places dining tables are safely parked behind small shrubs and the cyclists meander along. The cycleway has transformed the street.”

Finally where was I this morning was a popular post, the answer was Narrabeen Lagoon

Now for More Rain ….


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