Chasing Rainbows

Sydney loves a Mardi Gras and everything ends up in a rainbow theme. But when that gets extended to large painted surfaces it was time to ride the bike around a fun route and take some photos

Coogee Beach was the first stop. At 8am on a Saturday morning it was really crowded. There was even a special ceremony to celebrate the new rainbow art. Time for photos

The Coogee Beach Rainbow

Photo in hand and its time to climb out of Coogee. Most people use the obvious streets which are also obvious to the car drivers. I use an obscure route with some paths, a 10km per hour street and a tiny lane. Then its through Randwick shops and up to the tram line shared path. If you were in a hurry, you could head down to centennial park, I go though the university on a really cool complicated downhiller. This is why its best to do this route clockwise. Then its over to Gardeners road using the council roads and you arrive at a shared path to take you to Zetland

If you venture into The Quadrangle at NSW Uni, you will find some rainbow steps. It’s your challenge because it’s not on the trail.

In Zetland I went past the new Gunyama Aquatic centre and then past the super impressive Zetland Library.

Then its down the really good Georges Rd cycleway to the housing estate. I veer left and head to Redfern Station and then up Turner to get back on Georges Rd. Finally I am Prince Alfred Park and the brand new rainbow right next to the swimming pool. The paintwork looks like it will be there for a long time. The photos tell the story.

From Prince Alfred park I swing around Central using the terrific rainbow shaped cycle path and then through Belmore Park and climb up the shared paths along Campbell St and soon I am at Taylor Square and the original rainbow crossing.

The Original Rainbow at Taylor Square

My ride is a loop so I head up the Bourke St Cycleway, cross the loops to Fox Studios and do another rainbow shaped path inside the studios. Its actually reasonably busy again and all the outside food seating is pretty good for Covid eating.

Then it is the world famous Centennial Park for another rainbow shaped path and I head back to Coogee. Here is the route in Strava

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