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I now have a Honda Odyssey Gen 5 with a lot on the clock to keep the price down. I took the double seat out completely. It is huge inside and fits two 29 inch bikes. There was two other recent possibilities. Kia Carnival and Volkswagen Caddy seven seater.


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One of the reasons I got into cycling whilst living at the bottom of hill with no bike trails was “My Car”. I have a really old Honda Odyssey that is like a container box inside. unfortunately the old girl is needing to go to pasture soon so I have started looking for a new car which has one prerequisite. It must fit my ebike standing up and one other bike.

Why standing up ? If you try to push an ebike into a car horizontally, you will do your back in. If you try to put two bikes in horizontally, you will do your back in and wreck the bikes (cardboard and light bikes aside).

The dimensions of my ebike are 185 cm long and 110 high at the handlebars.

Amongst the few cars that offer good seating that fit these dimensions are Honda Odyssey Gen1, 2, 5, Kia Carnival, Volkswagen Caddy Van. Plus numerous uncomfortable vans.

Can you think of another ?

Here is a good page that will give you some ideas

Solution one: we bought a 2014 Subaru Forester for car reasons not bike carrying. It sucked compared to the old Odyssey for packing two bikes. So I bought a Brompton folding bike

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  1. We just load two heavy e-bikes on the Thule 916 e-bike carrier mounted on the toe bar of our SUB. This carrier is designed for e-bikes. Have done many long trips, including to Wagga Wagga several times with our bikes.

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