Its only a spoke !

I got up at 5:30 to ride in the far west of Sydney to the south west.  I was really looking forward to the ride as it was 10 days of heat waves and then rain that had put me off this particular ride. So I hop on the early train and am settling in for a 40 minute journey in an empty carriage when I notice one of my spokes is broken. Does this matter ?

I got off at the next platform feeling totally drained. I really wasn’t sure if it was important or not.  Anyway I put this question to my knowledgeable 1000 strong Facebook Group called Lets Go Cycling  Here are some answers

Roberto “You did the right thing Garry, especially with the additional weight of the e-bike. Riding on a busted spoke can throw the rest of the wheel out permanently (I’ve learnt my lesson there)

Jeff  “Mmm! Had one broken spoke… decided to risk it and cycle down the Lake. Bang! Two more went, walked out of the valley to the bitumen, before cycling carefully to the bike shop.

Mark “I’ve had the opposite experience – twice. First time I rang the Local Bike Shop LBS mid-ride, they said it should be OK to carry on. 2nd time I also continued. Both on an MTB but riding on tarmac. Straight to the LBS after each incident. No further issues, but LBS decided after #2 that I needed heavier-duty spokes and re-built the wheels under warranty.

Amilia “You made the right call. Even in a mid ride. It’s recommended not to ride at all unless you are okay to throw that wheel off and buy a new one

Gordon “You did right thing, one of the main checks dad made me do when touring and before every road race, check and tighten the spokes, on the jig to ensure rim run true. Slack or broken spokes twists the rim.

and finally Tom mentions try not to use the brakes on that wheel as it adds extra tension.  

Tom “Don’t know about ebikes but I had 2 go on a ride and made it home…albeit slowly and without using the rear breaks as loosened them up to allow the wheel to roll.

So the moral of the story is its time to limp home – Thats cycling.

My Facebook group is a private group and there is quite a lot of interaction amongst members.  Join here

This ride was part of the new way of riding the Greater Sydney Loop

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