A Greener Canberra is A-Calling

In August 2017, we headed to our capital city Canberra which is located 4 hours from Sydney. The cycling was  good but it was really dry and brown. Fast forward to this December and Canberra is now very green and the bike trails are even more pleasant to ride.

Here are my notes and maps from 3 days of cycling up and down all of Canberra, I thought I would just put a few of the really green photos in a post. You never know, maybe someone is looking for a 100 kilometres  of riding when the ACT borders are open. Knowing the Australian bush, what is green today is unlikely to be green in a months time

I refer you to my post on Canberra from last year to see how dry it was >>

See the purple trail in Google Maps here for the Canberra trails I have posted >>

Read the story of riding Canberra from Top to Bottom >>

You get right away from the hustle and bustle at the western end of Lake Burley Griffin
More than a few cormorants and government house in the background
The trail to Woden and Tuggeranong


One of the many extra park features as you ride around the 35km Lake Burley Griffin

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  1. I cycled in Canberra in my university days but it looks like it has gone ahead in leaps and bounds since then. I often visit Canberra as my sister and best friend still live there, but as I usually fly in have not organized myself for cycling yet. Definitely on the bucket list ?

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