Manly to Dubroyd Head and Sandy Bay

Last year I took a ride to Dobroyd Head on the north side of Sydney Harbour. I started in Manly on the bike trail along Lauderdale Rd and turned at North Harbour Reserve to head to Dubroyd Head. I pretty well stuck to the roads that followed the coast and this was a bit hit and miss. As the hills are steep in that area, I was glad I used the eBike that day. At Dubroyd the view of the harbour are pretty good. There are a couple of parks at the heads that you can ride around. After that it was just roads all the way down to Sandy Bay which is a gorgeous place. I returned to Sydney Rd and crossed using the school crossing bridge. You can return to Manly using bike paths as per the map.

Here is the map of this ride in Red in the Balgowlah area >>

In summary it’s about 20km around the area and its pretty steep in Balgowlah. I would do it on a Sunday and keep your kids on the Manly and Seaforth trail

This is on the JigSaw Map in pink and The Sydney Map

Photos are all here >>

Written by Garry Robinson – Editor of BikeTrail.Blog


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