Lake Ginninderra

Lake Ginninderra is a great 8km ride which would be fantastic for the kids or just for a run or walk. Shared path all the way. If you want to go further head to Lake Burley Griffin to the south along the Centenary Trail or up Ginninderra Creek to the north. Easy riding in general and the lake is particularly nice. Riding through Belconnen city is a little annoying when you have to move along the footpaths. Once you get to the lake, its all fun again. The only hilly section is the Centenary Trail as it traverses up from Lake Burley Griffin.

18km return trip for the purple trail north of Lake Burley Griffin. Suitable to all types of bikes.

Pictures starting from just south of Belconnen and going around the lake
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Map of the ride plus a commute path in green from O’Connor that was on shared paths as well.

Video of Riding Around the Lake


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