Flatlining Sydney – The train and weekend is your friend

When it comes to cycling in Sydney, I cheat a lot.  I drive my car to favourite car parks and catch trains a lot.  How else can you do a 40km loop that is a 60km return journey away.

So today I meant to get off early in the car but didn’t.  The traffic was building so I decided (at the last moment) to do a flat liner.  This is a ride where I catch a train to somewhere else and ride back to the first station.  In this case I was experimenting with some new roads in Revesby area so that’s where I headed.

The journey today involved a train to East Hills from Zetland.  East Hills is one of the best places to start riding in the south west of Sydney 

I am keeping a layer on the Sydney jigsaw map of long flat liners and and other super trails of interest like the trail around Sydney.  I hide this layer but here is what it looks like if you turn the layer on in Google maps.  Find the map here 

Single direction trails and the trail around Sydney

Flat Liner 3 – Cherrybrook to Redfern

Cherryrbrook is one of the highest points in Sydney, so expect steep hills. Trail uses a little forest track to get to passable point on the Pennant Hills rd. Sutherland St depends on there not being recent heavy rain to go under the M2. Then its Epping rd cycleway till Herbert St and cross thru the terrific Wollstonecraft and Milsons Point.

Cumberland Forest is terrific but is ridiculously steep. A very hilly track and uses back roads a lot early.

Turn on the one way routes in the menu of the Jigsaw map 

Note the strava has a couple of errors, the Google My Map link is a better path to trace.
Sydney Network Show Stoppers

Here are two of the more unusual cycling oddities on this long trail.   Salt Pan creek and Finlays Lane in Turella.  This was a great ride, pity the government didn’t iron out the oddities and make Sydney trails more of a network.  Find a map here of many of Sydneys more hopeless network killers.


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