The worlds biggest puzzle

One thing that I have noticed when riding around Sydney is that people love walking and running loops. There are the hugely popular Iron Cove 7km, Nepean River 8km and good old Centennial Park 4km tracks and then lots of smaller loops around football parks and small council parks. I even saw a group of people walking around a basketball court. Loops attract more people than up and back paths. 

Looking at my map of Sydney and whilst it included loops where they are available, it mostly shows how you might traverse from one place to another. Another interesting take on cycle routes is the diverse Bicycle NSW map which comprises of routes sent in by cycling groups and members, many of these are loops.

So I decided to make a map of loops where there was no overlaps because I find them confusing. The idea for a Jigsaw map dawned on me. Shared boundaries, loops and no overlaps are the rules.

Currently 10 pieces / loops

Welcome to Active Jigsaw mapping, the art where you need to think about where you have been and then expand to new places.

Yes I am doing this whilst cycling but you can do this whilst running and walking. Just work out a new jigsaw piece traverse the boundary, record it and make a map. Join me here if you want to create your jigsaw map.

Here is my Sydney map. I have ridden my first ten pieces. It’s certainly challenging but the map is turning out real good.

An alternative format will be the use of a RideWithGPS ride collection.  A piece will be added when all sides of the jigsaw have been verified. 

In picture 1 below, you will see the trail orientation of the BikeTrail.Info Sydney map.  In picture 2 is the Bicycle NSW ride focused map. 

Notes: One aspect that is happening with this jigsaw map is the trails are a mixed bag of riding conditions including a good percentage of roads. I suggest you ride these trails on a Sunday or Saturday morning when the traffic is light. The map will discuss the likely conditions in the legend. Take care. Ride easy. You ride at your own risk. 

Go make a giant jigsaw and make sure you are active whilst doing it !

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