Use It or Loose It

All around the world, the corona virus is having its evil way. Solutions everywhere are different, lockups, plead with the people, economy first and prioritize the health system. Amongst all that chaos and the huge burden on health care workers, cycling has stood out as a way to stay away from The Spray of others and a way to get healthy.

So everyone took to bicycles, bicycle shops sold out and parks filled with riders and walkers and runners. Then governments hit on The Popup Cycleway as a way to move people around and keep people healthy and win votes with all the new cyclists.

In Sydney there are now six cycleways around the city. They are mostly functional and the councils have installed counters on them to judge how popular they really are. Lets see where the cycleways are around Sydney town

The Popup Cycleways of Sydney


The best thing to say about these cycleways is


That applies to anyone. Find a way to incorporate them into your routes around town or your exercise rides or your trip to Centennial Park. There are very few riders in Sydney that haven’t complained about our lack of infrastructure. Now is your BEST chance to make these ones a success and encourage councils across Australia to put more in. Nothing more annoying to to a City Councillor than a empty bike lane and they always have a a group of noisy locals who want their car spots back.

Find all the popups in red on the Sydney Bike Trail Map

See the 30km ride that takes you to all 6 popups and a lot of other great sights around Sydney as well

Around The World

This article discusses Australian popups and international efforts and has the same title as my article

This article discusses popups across the United Kingdom

The Guardian discusses USA and Canadian popups and then moves around the world

Why not go to the grand daddy of popups, the 650 km Paris cycleway

Vijay from Pedal and Tring Tring suggested this article on Indian Popups

If you want lots of photos including Sydney ones, use the #popupcyclelanes on Instagram


Read all about the City of Sydney’s covid response using this article

Routes to Try

See the Popup Strava Route Here

A simpler more scenic trail with three of the better popups.

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  1. pedalandtringtring Avatar

    I appreciate your thinking to compile all together. Very useful information resource during this time.

  2. Uncool Cycling Club Avatar
    Uncool Cycling Club

    Good point. Let’s hope you get to keep some of them ?

  3. Scott No Mates Avatar
    Scott No Mates

    Great to have met you on your ride on Wednesday and the travels on your Cube.

  4. Steven Avatar

    Thanks for writing this article. I totally agree 100% with the ‘use it or lose it motto’. A great education slogan!

  5. Graeme Cant Avatar
    Graeme Cant

    I got excited when I saw Bridge St on the graphic – but turns out it’s Bridge*Rd*.

  6. […] Sydney city rolled out 6 popups and the best of these Henderson rd is the third place winner.  It wins the bronze because it was deployed on a wide street with very few private dwellings on the side where the bike lane was located.  Its main objected from locals is that a left hand turn for cars near Erskineville Station was made one way and cars ended up on other streets.   From a cycling point of view it was really good so no arguments on this page. […]

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