Ride every track in your park

Want to try something different, ride every path in your nearest bicycle park. The rules are simple, follow the road rules or path rules, if its one way, you have to go that way. The challenge is to do it in the least distance and not the least time. Best if you don’t study the maps and try and work it out in your head as you go.

Two parks I have done this in are Sydney Park which is a brute with the hill and Centennial Park. Check the distances I did, this can be a lot longer than you think. Try it once then try to make it shorter, it will drive you nuts.

Sydney Park in Erskineville >> 

10.59km Distance

  • 51:28 Moving Time
  • 277m Elevation
  • 12.3km/h speed
  • 21.27km Distance
  • 1:09:48 Moving Time
  • 161m Elevation
    Speed 18.3km/h
Sydney Park in Erskineville
Centennial Park – All tracks
Where will you go today ?   (Sydney Park  #sydneyrides festival)

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