An Empty Darling Harbour and a Quiet Opera House

Under Australian lock-down laws, you are allowed out for exercise and you are allowed to travel to work. So I took my son to work in the city for his first day at an exercise physio clinic. And then I found a great car park in Pyrmont (it was early) and went to check out Jeroen’s tip “Darling Harbour is empty”. I did a very slow 90 minutes exercise. It was great to get out. See the story on a Quiet Opera House

Here is an album of the emptiness >> and here are a lot more of my Darling Harbour photos including more from today

Exercise and The Opera House

A couple of weeks have passed since the Darling Harbour ride and I decided to go for a longer ride on the eBike to see the Opera House. As there was no cars around, I went down Oxford St and saved a bit of time. I then headed down Bourke St North and zipped through The Domain to get to Lady’s Macquarie’s Chair. The sky is so clean, I gave up my plan of mainly riding and started taking a few photographs. After looking at the Opera House and Wooloomooloo and rode across The Domain past the Government Buildings and down to the Opera House. There was a few people around but not the normal crowds. Quite a lot of cyclists were enjoying the freedom as well as me.

Finally I went around to Barangaroo and found a nice path up the hill to the city cycling street, Kent St and rode around to Pyrmont Bridge and Darling Harbour. Crowds were bigger there than last time I visited. The word is out. I completed my ride going around via Sydney Uni on the Sydney city paths. I then passed through a ridiculously busy Centennial Park and went home through Bondi Junction. All up 35km.

Here are some great photos from this ride >>

The wonderful trees at Lady Macquarie’s Chair

Darling Harbour Early in Black and White


External link: Try cycling around most of these attractions

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