Time for Bike Trail Screen Savers

Most of the readers of this blog will either be house bound or doing some important job that the rest of us really admire. So its time to just churn out a bunch of Screen Savers so you can see the real world even lying on the couch.

First up we have the Queen of Sydney Street Art – Tricia. Her posts always light up my day and never more so than now. Her photographs should be given an Essential Services tag.

Now here are a smattering of my own Instagram bike trail photos. Most have about 30 photos on each trail.

From the Salt Pan Creek area near Bankstown. The first area I explored away from the Eastern Suburbs.


The Glebe and Anzac bridge area is a hotbed of cycling unhappiness. Fortunately though there are lots of cool photos on my Instagram Feed to make you less miserable


Here are 12 photos from the Gladesville area – think big bridge and ride around north of that.


If you are ever going to ride in one place in Sydney, Parramatta Area is a likely pick. Here are some 50 Pick-tures that I assembled on Instagram


Get Involved – Share Your Cycling Stories

You can see a lot more of these pictures if you join my 333 strong Facebook group. Even Tricia has joined.

Hot of the press

A cycling in Canberra video

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