The Boo-Hoo Barge – No New Photos

In April we were going on a Barge trip from Amsterdam to Bruges. That ain’t happening for pretty obvious reasons. So now I am going to pass on some of the cycling links that I came across apart from the Barge cruise.

Dutch day trips   or Tulip Tours or one big Tulip Tour

In Germany it was going to be something like

One of many Moselle Cycle Tours  or stay in one location on the Moselle and use the train like this Aussie crowd or from Helen – the Uncool Moselle Barge Trip 

But that wasn’t to be, the virus won:  so here are a couple of old photos from my days in Holland in the 1960’s.

At miniature world in Holland with Mum

Look I have most of the money back, my problems are small. Lets bring back a cheery photo from my days in South America in the 60’s when toys were toys.  Till next post, why not join my popular Facebook group, Lets Go Cycling

Lets go Cycling – 60s Style

PostScript: That is me, the sad sack., on the right in the Andes in South America in the TOP photo 

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  1. As you say, things could be worse, and you can do it in the future, but it’s a shame after all your preparation.

  2. My father was born in Nijmegan and came to Australia in 1951. I have been fortunate to visit Holland twice and cycle from Amsterdam to Germany and back along the Limes Cycle Route. I have been to Madurodam and it was a fascinating place. When all the madness is over, I’d love to see the tulips and cycle around more. It will happen, just not at the moment, but the planning is half the fun and reading about other people’s plans and sites to see. I can thoroughly recommend Vrienden op de Fiets for accommodation too.
    Your trip sounds really good, so I hope you get to complete it later. I also have 3 cycling trips canned this year. Oh well, I can concentrate more on Australia at the moment and work out my progressive tours along the Victorian Rail Trails, Mawson Trail and Queensland is steaming ahead with extending the BVRT further north. You’re doing great work on the Sydney cycle paths too.

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